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Social Security is complex and there are a lot of rules.

Construct a strategy to get all of the money you are entitled to.

It is clear that there are good strategies and bad strategies. Learn about the differences. Make the right choice and avoid mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars. Agents at the Social Security office are not allowed to give you advice and don't have tools to maximize your benefits. Use the services developed by the most recognized, published, and quoted experts on Social Security Strategies.

Is it worth paying for help?

This is the largest financial decision of your life.
And, you can't change your strategy once you file.

There are free calculators - don't be fooled. We have done an independent analysis of the tools available to you, and know our application is the most comprehensive and accurate. Most free tools have flaws and logic gaps. There is a difference between "information" and getting an accurate recommendation from the leading authority on Social Security claiming decisions.

More than what?

Be better than the average American

Over 70% of Americans take benefits sub-optimally, leaving a lot of money on the table. Many don't leverage the rules to get the most spousal and survivor benefits. Find out how: Your Recommended Solution beats what an average American your age does. A smart strategy can get you more than you currently are planning for. Did you notice our Benefit Counter on the home page? --- We are proud we've helped our clients find millions of dollars! Review the different services available to you so you can find more money, too.